Our vision is to enable individuals to realise their potential and achieve their career goals

AB Careers is a Bristol based independent careers consultancy with a commitment to providing clients with the support they truly need.  We offer a range of one to one sessions as well as seminars and workshops.

AB Careers was created by Josephine Padalino who has extensive experience within career development, recruitment and training. Success has come through building strong relationships with individuals and organisations.  Working within the recruitment sector has enabled her to work with a number of industries and to gain an understanding of their requirements when looking for talent in the job market. 

What we offer

Experienced consultants dedicated to each and every client

An objective, non judgemental approach

Support with all of your career management needs from decision making, CV writing and interviewing


A free, no-obligation consultation to establish your needs


A partnership with the required tools and information needed to ensure success

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