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Why Choose AB Careers?

Local and independent

AB Careers is a Bristol based independent careers and training consultancy with a commitment to providing clients with the support they truly need.  We offer bespoke, tailor made courses for individuals and organisations which include one to one sessions, seminars and workshops.


AB Careers was created in 2012 by a careers consultant with extensive experience in career development, recruitment and training. AB Career's success has come through building strong relationships with individuals and organisations.  


Working within the recruitment and training sectors has enabled our consultants to work with a range of industries and to gain an understanding of their varied requirements when looking for talent in the job market. 



AB Careers offers all clients a free, no obligation consultation to establish our clients' needs and to assess their skills-set and experience. This then allows us to create a bespoke package for each client ranging from a single service to a comprehensive package of services. 


Our trainers deliver to the highest standards and have extensive experience in the areas which they teach and mentor.  All of our courses have been designed to train people rapidly and with one-to-one support from a dedicated consultant throughout the entire process. 


Our independent status allows us to provide solutions tailored to meet your needs rather than your needs being tailored to meet our way of working. Our consultants have backgrounds in recruitment, training and education, allowing us to create bespoke packages that can support individuals and organisations in achieving their career, training and recruitment goals. 

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