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Prepare, plan and achieve interview success

Want to feel confident for your next interview?

Interviews have many formats and it is vital you are prepared and confident for the questions you will be asked. 

Competency Based Interview Questions (CBI’s) also known as Behavioural/Situational Questions are widely used by many employers.  Interviewers will ask a series of in depth questions to all candidates and assess their answers in order to find the most suitable person for the job.

Free consultation

Spend time either face to face, by phone or via video link with your Careers Consultant to discuss your career to date, career aspirations and how you currently prepare for interviews.

Create a bespoke 2 session interview coaching package

How to prepare - Session 1

Your consultant will show you ways to undertake research and how to analyse job descriptions

You will work with your consultant to understand how Competency Based Interviews are assessed, types of interview questions and the key competencies being evaluated

You will develop techniques to structure your answers clearly and concisely

Together with your consultant you will assess relevant experiences, achievements and successes to use in your responses

Mock interview - Session 2

Answering real interview questions

Practising your responses to interview questions

Using the STAR technique framework to answer questions

Full feedback given with suggestions for improvement

Interview Coaching

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